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Friday, December 29, 2006

In Between Time

This is the in between time. I have been waiting and planning so long that I am desparate for the heave of real life. Launch my businesss, network with the cat world—more, all of the classes and learning I have planned for the year. Tellington Touch, Feline-ality, Bereavement Facilitator Certification and a Pet Loss specialty, Clicker Training, going deeper and deeper into my understanding of cat behavior through interviews, seminars and more reading.

Everyone gave me my old standby for Christmas—women’s contemporary literature. I used to revel in it. Eating those books like candy. But I pick one up and I am just itching to return to my cat books. Last night on Animal Planet they were showing Jane Goodall’s Talk with the Animals. A poignant reminder of how much more I have to learn to communicate with cats—I want to push beyond understanding them to the Goodall level of interaction.

But we are cramped in this apartment, children crawling all over everything, their stuff swamping the place. I am organizing, planning, coordinating furniture, movers, contractors. Drafting plans so that every room in the house has something to offer the cats, without overwhelming my husband. A refined home where he can invite his collegues, but at the same time, a cat’s home.

Soon. Within two weeks. The wait will be over.

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