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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Book Review: An Unlikely Cat Lady

Last night, as I lay on my purple love seat, covered by three purring cats, savoring the last pages of "An Unlikely Cat Lady", it occured to me that posting reviews of my favorite cat literature would offer you the same pinnacle of pleasure: reading about cats (holding printed paper in hand)while experiencing them--all at once.

In her book, Nina Malkin claims she is an unlikely cat lady and her publishers probably concurred because her writing is edgy and candid, peppered with evocative similies and sentiments that are guarenteed to offend--yet so accurate and honest that their unexpected familiarity makes you gasp and then chuckle. For instance, she describes one friendly stray as "floppy and amenable as a hooker on qualudes." Instantly, I knew this cat.

In many ways, her lack of concern about political correctness makes this book loaded with guilty pleasure. Her naked distain of one unneutered feral dubbed "Yeff Smeef" is unsettling (and perhaps unfair.) In her view, this sniveling, malevolent Uriaha Heap of a cat is the bane of her feral colony. And yet, he forms an interesting literary counterpoint to the near religious devotion with which she tends to the rest of the colony. "...the villanous Yeff Smeef pursuing Nancy from yard to yard, his lecherous proboscis inches from her prepubescent coochie--distresses me no end."

In fact, Nina Malkin is not an unlikely cat lady at all. She represents the next generation of cat ladies, not the blue-haired biddy in a billowing house coat, but a sharp-witted modern woman with a heaping dose of 'cattattraction" that is drawn cat by kitten into the world of Trap-Neuter-Return.

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