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Monday, April 02, 2007

Animal Rescue New Orleans: Inky's 'Surrender'

My third day at ARNO had been hopping along—there is so much I want to share about my experience with ARNO (so much that is positive to share.). But then a well-heeled couple arrived with a cat in a carrier, “My mother died this weekend and we want you to take her cat.”

“Oh, we had a heck of a time catching her. She had been alone in the apartment for a month while my mom was in the hospital.” Anastasia looks into the black mesh of the carrier—the cat spits and swats at her.

“Bad kitty!” Tsks the portly silver haired man in a starched blue and white striped polo shirt.

“The cat is upset and scared.” Anastasia tells the man in her gentle way, but I can see the flames in her eyes. They stand in the quarantine area—a covered alley next to the warehouse. Cat cages are stacked one on top of the other, dogs are barking in the background, huge fans push the air from one open end of the breezeway to the other. But it is hot and no one in their right mind would think this is an ideal place for a cat that is mourning its owner. This place is meant to be a stop on the path from the street to a home for cats who are victims of Katrina.

“Are you sure you can’t keep her?” Anastasia asks.

“No, we have dogs.”

“What if you just kept her in a room in your home until you find her a permanent home. Perhaps one of your mother’s friends?”

“No, we can’t do that. But here are her things. And all her paperwork.”

‘Inky’ was adopted from the SPCA in June of 2005. All of her vaccination, spay and other medical records were collected neatly in folder. The trash bag that the couple packed contained cat beds, cat toys (including interactive pole toys), boxes of cat food and cat treats. Inky’s mother loved her. Would she want her cat dumped here?

And no, the couple did not make a donation.

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