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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Charles's Forever Home

Lara, of Basha's Fund, featured Charlie on was overwhelmed with responses about all four kittens. So many people were interested that, as she put it, "We could place them with just the four-star adopters."

And that is just what happened for Charlie! He went to his new home two days ago, and here is an update note from his new parents, along with a few photos they sent:

Dear Jenny and Lara,
This is Michael and Amanda and we are writing to give you the update on Charles Gimli (we updated his name a little). We are loving him and he is loving life. He and Zephyr are becoming best friends, although I think the big kitty is a little intimidating some times. We are keeping a good eye on them though. He is eating well and using the box perfectly. He is enjoying all the toys and the romping with a new friend. He is very sociable and friendly. Everyone who has visited him thinks he's awesome. We are attaching some pictures of the first day and half. Thank you so much for setting us up with the kitty of our dreams.

Little Charlie has come a long way from wandering the parking lot in Lafayette, LA. (See The Lafayette, LA: Cajun Cats post for the beginning of his story.)

P.S. I find it so interesting how much Zephyr looks like Chance (one of the adult cats I rescued from Lafayette.)

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